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About Us:

Established by Gaston Landívar Iturricha in 1962, Landívar & Landívar is a pioneer firm in the field of Intellectual Property in Bolivia. Our international reputation was gained through an outstanding legal service in our area of specialization, and an excellent and professional team.

Landívar & Landívar has grown, adding new experts in different areas of Intellectual Property and Business Law, in order to give our clients a plus on each field of work.

Our offer has evolved into a Chain of Corporate Legal Services and Integral Counseling, with the goal of guiding the national and international entrepreneurs and corporations to achieve success in their activities.

Landívar & Landívar focuses on a personalized service for each customer, constantly modernizing itself to maintain a dynamic and organized information system, allowing faster and more effective responses.

Landívar & Landívar's Values


Our firm is committed to protect the rights acquired by our clients, using all the experience and knowledge we have for an effective assistance.


We know you need information on an immediate basis, so we have a monitoring computarized system, which allows to send continuous updates, even before the clients request them.


We offer assistance in an ordered and systematic way to all the cases entrusted to our office, assuring a methodic work to be translated in a quick processing of all your applications.


Landívar & Landívar motivates all its staff to take ethically acceptable decisions, through formally adopted policies for all the firm members, in such a way that our actions won't jeopardize our clients' names.

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Business Creation

  1. Intellectual property consultancy.
  2. Similarity and registrability searches at SENAPI.
  3. Commercial name creation.
  4. Logotype design.
  5. Constitución de Empresas.
  6. Commerce registration.
  7. Tax registration (NIT).

Intellectual Property

  1. Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Industrial Secrets.
  2. Trademarks, Service marks, Commercial Names and Slogans.
  3. Web Domains.
  4. Renewals, Annuities.
  5. Name and Address Changes.
  6. Assignments, Mergers.
  7. Oppositions and Defenses.
  8. Annulments, Cancellations.
  9. Recourses before the Supreme Tribunal of Justice.
  10. Copyrights.

Corporate Services

  1. Subsidiaries, Representations, Franchises.
  2. Mergers, Dissolutions, Restructurings.
  3. Legal and Industrial Property Consulting.
  4. Labor and Tax Consulting.
  5. Contracts in General.
  6. Arbitration and Conciliation.

Worldwide Presence

Landívar & Landívar counts on correspondents in all countries of the World, being able to carry out any type of service wherever the client needs.


We perform market investigations, monitoring of illegal activities, border measures and monitoring of TV media, printed media and social networks, in order to identify the offenders of intellectual property rights.


Our firm is specialized in the application of effective legal actions against piracy, forgery and any other type of rights infringement.


We work with more than 500 clients, among which we could mention:


These are our most relevant news:

Industrial Property Academic Day

On September 9, the FIRST INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY ACADEMIC DAY was held in the Casa Grande Hotel of La Paz city, arranged by ABPI with the valious support of ASIPI and the cooperation and excellent logistics of the Bolivian-German Chamber. On this opportunity we had the appreciated and brilliant participation of Dr. Jorge Chávarro, member of the ASIPI Committee, who came to our city to showcase the event.

Round Table Santa Cruz: Non-Use Cancellations of Trademarks

Given the success in the organization of the Round Table in La Paz, at the suggestion and request of the German-Bolivian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Santa Cruz subsidiary, another round table was organized also sponsored by ASIPI, ABPI, the Landivar & Landivar office and other studies of the field, with the same theme "Non-Use Cancellation of Trademarks".

Round Table La Paz: Non-Use Cancellations of Trademarks

On April 29, 2016 the Round Table "Non-Use Cancellations of Trademarks" was held, in the city of La Paz, under the sponsorship of ASIPI, ABPI, the German-Bolivian Chamber and the firm Landívar & Landívar, together with other firms of the field.

Conference: Global Analysis of the New Bolivian Civil Code

On April 1, 2016 the conference Global Analysis of the New Bolivian Civil Code was held in the city of La Paz, with the presentation of the Master in Civil Law, Dr. Martha Eugenia Campuzano. Definitely a great contribution for whom attended to this important event.

ASIPI Aruba 2016

Dr. Martha Landívar Gantier, attended ASIPI's Seminar Against Forgery, which took place in Aruba from March 13 to 15, 2016. It was a great experience to know more about the successful enforcement in other countries.

We are 54 years old!

Established by Gaston Landívar Iturricha in 1962, Landívar & Landívar is a pioneer firm in the field of Intellectual Property in Bolivia. Our international reputation was gained through an outstanding legal service in our area of specialization, and an excellent and professional team.

Martha Landívar

Designation as Head National Delegate of ASIPI

Dr. Martha Landívar Gantier, general manager of our office, was elected to be the Head Delegate of ASIPI in Bolivia, for the 2015-2018 period. This is not her first election, which greatly please us, since it's a proof of trust on her professionalism and the ideas exposed on her working project for this new term.

Martha Landívar

Election of the ABPI Board of Directors

On September 11 de 2015, the election of the new ABPI Board of Directors was carried out, for the 2015-2017 period, in which Dr. Martha Landívar was elected Vicepresident of this association.


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